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COMING SOON - Low Cost Breastfeeding Mini Course! This offering aims to ​boost confidence and provide essential guidance for new parents who are interested ​in breastfeeding. Learn practical tips, expert advice, and gain the support you need ​for a successful breastfeeding journey.

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Prenatal Classes

This comprehensive prenatal course is designed to build your confidence and ​readiness for the arrival of your new family member!

Course topics encompass a wide range of essential subjects such as:

  • birth preparation
  • signs of labour
  • comfort and pain management tools
  • delivery
  • postpartum
  • baby care and infant feeding
  • emotional well-being
  • introduction to local resources.

While the optimal time to take the course is between 28-36 weeks gestation, this ​class can be taken at any time during your pregnancy.

Future Fathers and Pregnant Women Learning How to Swaddle Baby a
Expecting Mother in Baby Bathing Class

Group Classes - 4 hours

Private one to one class - 3 hours

Class registration includes two seats (birthing/expectant parent and support ​person). To foster an engaging and informative experience, the class size is ​deliberately kept small, allowing for room for questions and discussions to ensure ​that you feel informed and empowered as you embrace the arrive of your new ​family member!

Cost: $200/couple

One to one sessions allow for the prenatal class to be tailored specifically to meet ​your families educational needs. One to one courses allow for flexibility in teaching ​so that couples can have the opportunity to learn in their own styles.

Cost: $250/couple

Upcoming spring dates:

Sunday, April 28th, 2024

Sunday, May 19th, 2024